Moissanite Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace 6.5mm Diameter Round Moissanite Includes 18" Chain


  • 1 CT 6.5mm Diameter Round Moissanite Diamond
  • Each 1 CT Moissanite pendant and chain comes with a GRA certificate
  • The pendant is designed with 10 pieces of  1 mm moissanite and 20 pieces of 1.25 mm  Moissanite pave' crystals
  • The chain is 18" long and is platinum plated
  • Color Grade is D and Clarity is WS. The Cut Grade is 9.25
  • Your pendant purchase also comes with a GRA Moissanite Report and Certificate of Authenticy, and is gift boxed
  • GRA stands for Global Gemological Research Academy and is an independent jewel testing institute.