Our Story (or....The Bottom Line is Happiness)


About us or Retirement is not what it is cracked up to be

When my 20 year career as a business administrator was ending in 1997, I couldn’t have been more excited to be moving to Florida with my husband, Stewie. That move signaled the end of my hectic life running three veterinary hospitals in the NYC suburban area. It also meant the end of a 43 mile one-way commute from our home in New Jersey every day. All I could think about was a 1 mile commute to the nearby golf course.

Over the next 10 years both Stewie and I were involved in golf, tennis, sailing and lots of volunteering. With my skills as a business administrator, I ran armies of volunteers for several charity events each year. I missed the business world and set out to start my own company, but it could not be just any business. It had to be one where I created happiness, because in the long run, nothing else matters as much as that.

Since fashion jewelry and charms had always been a love of mine, I created Beads and Dangles in 2008. I was determined to find treasures that could be sold affordably, look like they cost way more than they actually do, and would make the customer ridiculously happy with their overall shopping experience.

Stewie assumed shipping, receiving and marketing duties. Together we forged a partnership that strengthened and enhanced our marriage. We discovered our joint love of foreign travel and knew we could explore the world to source new and trending items for our business. 

Between this website and being a highly rated professional seller on Amazon, we are enjoying “retirement” more than ever before. Reinventing ourselves, learning social media, creating our very own brand of motivational and inspirational stainless steel jewelry and so much more, we have never been happier or more fulfilled!

Beads and Dangles is all about creating happiness and that is the bottom line that encompasses everything we do and every day that we do it. The real joy is in knowing that our customers feel it too!